Saturday, August 31, 2013

The miracle of birth!

(taken with my iPod)

On August 29th between the hours of 8pm and 10pm, my daughter's cat, Chloe, gave birth two four kittens.  Kitten number one was a bit of a struggle for Chloe since this is the first time for her to give birth (and hopefully she'll be spayed before it happens again!). The second kitten was breach and came out fighting. Cat amniotic sacks must be tough stuff because it was trying to claw it's way out. Kitten number three had it's umbilical cord wrapped around it's neck and abdomen. I had to intervene there. Kitten number four was breach and it's head was stuck for a few moments. Again, I had to intervene. (Please, no lectures. I'm well experienced and know what to do and what NOT to do.) But, all four babies are safe, healthy and full of life. They are all black with the exception of the first born. The tip of his tail has a tuft of white fur. He has been dubbed Woody. His first attempts at nursing had him rapidly bobbing his head much like a woodpecker. The second born is Screech. Screech was the little fighter but just as Screech is tough, Screech is also VERY vocal. The only time that one shuts up is when it's asleep. LOL The other two.... Typically, when a cat gives birth, they deliver a kitten and then the placenta before the next kitten is born. That is exactly what happened with Woody and Screech. Then, the third kitten was born and when Chloe began pushing again, she gave birth to the fourth kitten rather than a placenta. (Yes, she did ultimately deliver both placentas.) But since they were both still "hardwired to the motherboard" at the same time, they have been labeled "The Twins".

They will be ready for forever homes just before Halloween. However, that presents a very real danger to black cats so we will wait until AFTER Halloween to search for homes...or at least not allow them to go to their perspective homes, unless they are people known and trusted by us, until after Halloween.

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