Sunday, September 1, 2013

Experimenting with the wardrobe

I have been reading a lot lately about different ways to get one's wardrobe under control. Chris and I are going to buy a set of velvet covered (flocked) hangars and use them. We are going to keep our individual wardrobes under control by limiting the number of hangars. We'll keep our favorite articles of clothing on these special hangars. If we want to buy a new item, something old has to go. Though I don't have a problem with TOO many clothes personally, I am looking forward to this as a way of keeping my things better organized.


  1. one way I read from another blog is to turn all your hangers one way, then put them back in the opposite way when you re-hang your clothes. Then, after a year (or 6 months, whatever works for you), discard or donate all those that are in their original position.

  2. So far so good on the experiment. Then again, it's been less than 24 hours! LOL!